Performance enhancement of normal contact ratio gearing system through correction factor

  • R. Ravivarman Department of Mechanical Engineering, Easwari Engineering College, Chennai, India
  • K. Palaniradja Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, India
  • R. Prabhu Sekar Mechanical Engineering Department, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Keywords: Correction factor, Finite element analysis, Performance, Root stress, Spur gear drive


As lined, higher transmission ratio drives system will have uneven stresses in the root region of the pinion and wheel. To enrich this agility of uneven stresses in normal-contact ratio (NCR) gearing system, an enhanced system is desirable to be industrialized. To attain this objective, it is proposed to put on the idea of modifying the correction factor in such a manner that the bending strength of the gearing system is improved. In this work, the correction factor is modified in such a way that the stress in the root region is equalized between the pinion and wheel. This equalization of stresses is carried out by providing a correction factor in three circumstances: in pinion; wheel and both the pinion and the wheel. Henceforth performances of this S+, S0 and S- drives are evaluated in finite element analysis (FEA) and compared for balanced root stresses in parallel shaft spur gearing systems. It is seen that the outcomes gained from the modified drive have enhanced performance than the standard drive.

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Ravivarman, R., Palaniradja, K., & Prabhu Sekar, R. (2019). Performance enhancement of normal contact ratio gearing system through correction factor. Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences, 13(3), 5242 - 5258.