The Journal of Mechanical Engineering & Sciences "JMES" (ISSN (Print): 2289-4659; e-ISSN: 2231-8380) is a platinum open access peer-review journal. This journal publishes original and review articles that advance the understanding of both the fundamentals of engineering science and its application to the solution of challenges and problems in mechanical engineering systems, machines and components. It is particularly concerned with the demonstration of engineering science solutions to specific industrial problems. Original contributions providing insight into the use of analytical, computational modeling, structural mechanics, metal forming, behavior and application of advanced materials, impact mechanics, strain localization and other effects of nonlinearity, fluid mechanics, robotics, tribology, thermodynamics, and materials processing generally from the core of the journal contents are encouraged. Only original, innovative and novel papers will be considered for publication in the JMES. The authors are required to confirm that their paper has not been submitted to any other journal in English or any other language. The JMES welcome contributions from all who wishes to report on new developments and latest findings in mechanical engineering.


- Advanced Materials
- Applied Mechanics
- Biomechanical Engineering
- Computation and Experimental Mechanics
- Corrosion Engineering
- Dynamics, Vibration, and Sound
- Engineering Materials and Technology
- Ergonomics
- Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
- Fluids Mechanics
- Fuels and Energy
- Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering
- Materials Processing Techniques
- Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
- Optimization
- Robotics and Control
- Sports Engineering
- Structural Modelling and Design
- Sustainable Energies
- Thermal and Power Engineering
- Tribology