• Jannatul Ferdaus Department of Public Administration, Comilla University
  • Saudia Hossain Department of Public Administration, Comilla University
Keywords: Governance, Governance challenges, Bangladesh


Nowadays governance remains a multi-dimensional concept. It may be termed as a totality of issues reliant on the person concerned about and his/her individual perception of practicality. Good governance cannot be attained, except holding the attention of its vibrant interactions with democratization advantages, the civil rights situation, the state of pro-active improvement and the role of government strategies and programs in a specific nation-state. Here, supposed to be a means of consciousness which seems good governance is beneficial due to its various favourable belongings. Good governance simplifies communal and economic progress and concentrates on its surroundings where social privileges are appreciated. Responsibility, competence, effectiveness, and sustainability can affect people’s involvement, which is subsequently vigorous for good governance. On the local area, shared improvement has been associated with good governance. It is correspondingly understood that participatory growth is not thinkable excluding the existence of a vigorous civil society. Democratization in the logic of providing reasonable chances for taking part in political lifespan may closely relate to good governance also. The mode with which good governance has been represented is evidently lacking in Bangladesh. The views that keep an eye on the essence typically consider looking over the prevailing state of concerns vis-a-vis good governance. In observing the current state of affairs, we inquire the question about how much good governance is at all possible. In reply to this question, the importance is engaged in good governance’s interconnections with the formation of fresh from of democracy, reinforcement of bureaucracy, combating corruption and rising civil society participation viewpoints.

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Ferdaus, J., & Hossain, S. (2019). GOOD GOVERNANCE IN BANGLADESH: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES. Journal of Governance and Integrity, 3(1), 19-23.
JGI Vol. 3, Issue 1, December 2019