About the Journal

Good governance and integrity is an essential prerequisite for any organization to remain competitive today and grow sustainability in the future. Journal of Governance and Integrity (JGI) is willing to be a knowledge and experience sharing platform for both academia and industry in the areas of governance, integrity and other related disciplines. JGI is an international, a peer-reviewed, and open accessed journal publishing high quality articles addressing human right in business, ethics and culture in business, human governance, risk management, syari'ah governance, corporate social responsibility, IT-related governance and integrity, sustainability Issue, supply chain and operations management, and Industrial Revolution 4.0-related issues. However, the journal is not confined to only these themes. JGI has been published twice a year (July and December). JGI uses double-blind review and indexed by Google Scholar, MyJurnal, and Crossref. 

JGI is published twice a year by UMP Publisher.

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JGI has sponsored the following conferences:

  1. International Joint Conference 2021 (IJC2021), 27 –28 October 2021, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand. https://ijc-conference.com/
  2. International Conference on Governance, Management and Social Innovation (ICGMSI2021), 27 –28 October 2021, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand. https://icgmsi2021.ijc-conference.com/
  3. 2nd International Conference on Innovative Sciences and Technologies for Research and Education (InnoSTRE) 2021, Universiti Teknologi MARA Cawangan Sarawak Kampus Samarahan (postpone), http://www.innostre.site/

International Joint Conference 2021 (IJC2021)