International Journal of Software Engineering and Computer Systems (IJSECS) is reviewed by international and local researchers and is published by UMP Publisher. IJSECS aims to publish high-quality original research from a broad range of software engineering and computer systems.

We are currently seeking new Associate Editors (AEs) focusing on the following journal scopes:

  • Computer System
  • Software Engineering
  • Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems

Below is some key information about the terms and responsibilities for the role AE:

  • AE appointment is for 2 years renewable to another 2 years under mutual agreement.
  • Solicit the submission of high-quality contributions to the journal, commissioning papers and special issues etc.
  • Handle the independent peer review and make publication recommendations.
  • Promote the journal through the academic network when applicable.
  • Participate in discussions involving journal policies and wider journal strategy.

Benefits of joining our AE’s team:

  • Publication at no cost: All associate editors are welcome to publish their journals without paying any fees.
  • Contribution to Research Community: Associate editors play a key role in the advancement of their respective fields of study. AE helps, select, and shape the content published in the journal, thereby contributing to the dissemination of valuable research and knowledge.
  • Academic and Professional Development: Serving as an associate editor can be a valuable experience for academic and professional development. AE gained a deeper understanding of the peer-review process, research trends, and publishing practices.
  • Networking Opportunities: AE has the chance to interact with renowned scholars, authors, and other editors in a particular field. This can lead to collaborations, invitations to conferences, and other networking opportunities.
  • Enhanced Expertise: Reviewing and editing manuscripts exposes AE to a broad range of research topics and methodologies, allowing you to expand your expertise and stay updated on the latest developments in a particular field.
  • Publication Credits: The journal may acknowledge or credit AE’s contribution to the journal. This can add to AE’s academic accomplishments, gain international recognition and enhance its reputation in the field.
  • Access to Cutting-Edge Research: AE will get early access to some of the most recent research in a particular field, which can be intellectually stimulating and keep AE at the forefront of their field of expertise.
  • A Sense of Fulfillment: Many associate editors find the role personally fulfilling, as it allows them to make a positive impact on the academic community and the progress of knowledge.

Generally, candidates should be renowned in the respective area/s (early career scholars may be considered in exceptional cases) and have a record of academic excellence corresponding to their academic career level.

Those interested in making an application should send a curriculum vitae to Prof. Ts. Dr. Mazlina Abdul Majid ( Please outline any experience that you have to support your interest, including but not limited to academic background, related journal scope, history with the journal and vision for the journal. Successful candidates shall be notified before December 10th, 2023.