The Effect of Working Capital Management on Dividend Policy: An Empirical Analysis of Listed Firms in Ghana


  • Ibrahim Nandom Yakubu Department of Banking and Finance, Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey



Dividend policy, Working capital, Profitability, Ghana


Relying on more recent data spanning 2007-2016, this paper investigates the impact of working capital management (WCM) on dividend policy of listed non-financial firms in Ghana. Specifically, the study assesses the effect of cash conversion cycle (CCC), days inventory outstanding (DIO), profitability, and firm growth on dividend policy. Employing the ordinary least squares (OLS) analytical technique, the findings reported that working capital management (in terms of cash conversion cycle and days inventory outstanding) and dividend policy are positively related, with DIO having a significant effect on dividend policy. The results also established a positive association between the control variables (profitability and firm growth) and dividend policy albeit insignificantly. Based on the findings, the study concludes that working capital management in terms of days inventory outstanding (DIO) is a critical factor influencing firms’ dividend policy decisions.  The study extends the inconclusive empirical evidence on the determinants of dividend policy and fills the lacuna in existing literature by focusing on how working capital management practices influence dividend policy of firms in Ghana. The findings are also useful to the board of directors of non-financial firms in deciding an appropriate dividend policy, and to the shareholders in making investment decisions.


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