Fatigue properties of strained thin 304 stainless steel sheets


  • Ammar Adil Al-Bakri
  • Zainuddin Sajuri
  • M. Abdulrazzaq
  • Ahmad Kamal Ariffin
  • Mohd Salehudin Fafmin




Thin sheet; tensile properties; hardness; fatigue strength; fracture behaviour.


This paper aims to study the properties of 300µm thickness 304 stainless steel. This research topic was selected considering the high demand for the production of small products such as smart phones, solar systems, hard drives, etc. Stainless steel was chosen for its low cost, suitable weight, and good mechanical properties in terms of strength and deformation compared to other materials. However, specimen size and strain may affect the results achieved. In this study, the effects of 2% and 5% strains on the fatigue strength of very thin 304 stainless steel sheets were investigated. Fatigue samples were cut into dumbbell-shapes with a rectangular cross-section as per ASTM E8. The tensile testing results showed that 300µm thickness heat-treated specimen sheets had less strain hardening with clear evidence of yielding. The fatigue test showed that higher strain values lengthened the fatigue life cycles of the stainless steel specimens. From this study, it can be concluded that tensile strain can improve the fatigue strength of very thin 304 stainless steel sheets.




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A. A. . Al-Bakri, Z. . Sajuri, M. . Abdulrazzaq, A. K. . . Ariffin, and . M. S. . Fafmin, “Fatigue properties of strained thin 304 stainless steel sheets”, Int. J. Automot. Mech. Eng., vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 4171–4182, Dec. 2022.