Nitinol Reinforced Epoxy Smart Composites with Enhanced Stiffness and Damping

  • B. K. Goriparthi Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, IIIT Srikakulam, RGUKT-AP, India, Phone: 9885368232
  • H. R. Shankar Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, India
Keywords: Smart composite; shape memory alloy; structural damping


Control of resonant vibrations is an important consideration in designing the composite structures. The mere presence of damping can bring back the resonant amplitudes from infinite to finite. Therefore, the damping parameter is an important parameter to be considered while designing the structures. But damping and stiffness are the two important opposing performance characteristics of the structures. Hence the development of high damping materials without affecting the stiffness is the focus of several researchers. Recently, smart materials are being introduced in polymer composites for better dynamic characteristics which enhance both stiffness and damping whenever required. In the present study, smart epoxy composites with the inclusions of austenitic phase nitinol (smart material) particle are developed and tested for mechanical and structural vibrational characteristics. Results revealed that at a weight fraction of 4% nitinol inclusion, stiffness, strength, and damping have simultaneously increased.

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Goriparthi, B., & Shankar, H. (2019). Nitinol Reinforced Epoxy Smart Composites with Enhanced Stiffness and Damping. International Journal of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, 16(3), 7144-7154.