Investigation on the Ergonomics Design of Wudhu' (Ablution) Station at a Mosque in a Higher Learning Institution


  • EZRIN HANI SUKADARIN Universiti Malaysia Pahang
  • Nursyazwani Mohd Nawi Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • Arti Amalin Abd Ghani Universiti Malaysia Pahang



Ergonomics, Ablution, Design, Mosque, Wudhu`


The ablution area is compulsory for each mosque, and it is essential for Muslims to perform ablution ritual. Supposedly, the well-design of ablution station is one of the crucial aspects to be considered in prayer facility infrastructure, but certain mosques provide poor ablution. The objectives of the study were to investigate if there is a mismatch between the design of the existing ablution station with Malaysian anthropometry measurement, to identify the user’s satisfaction on existing ablution design through survey and to propose the improvement of the existing ablution station based on suitable anthropometry dimension and ergonomic aspects. The quantitative appraoch study was adopted. The ablution stations’ existing design are observed and measured to compare with the related anthropometric data. Experinced users satisfaction towards the ablution station is also invstigated. As the result, Design 2 either male or female ablution unit, had ergonomics characteristics and acceptable measurement dimensions compared to Design 1. Henceforth, it becomes preferable design among a Higher Learning Institution users compare to Design 1. In conclusion, an ablution station that has ergonomic characteristics and acceptable measurements based on anthropometric dimensions will result in high satisfaction among users.