Solving Assembly Sequence Planning Using Distance Evaluated Simulated Kalman Filter


  • Ainizar Mustafa
  • Zuwairie Ibrahim
  • Zulkifli Md Yusof
  • David Al-Dabass
  • Philip Sallis



Assembly Sequence Planning, Simulated Kalman Filter, Distance Evaluated


This paper presents an implementation of simulated Kalman filter (SKF) algorithm for optimizing an assembly sequence planning (ASP) problem. The SKF search strategy contains three simple steps; predict-measure-estimate. The main objective of the ASP is to determine the sequence of component installation to shorten assembly time or save assembly costs. Initially, permutation sequence is generated to represent each agent. Each agent is then subjected to a precedence matrix constraint to produce feasible assembly sequence. In this paper, the distance evaluated SKF (DESKF) is proposed for solving ASP problem. The performance of the proposed DESKF is compared against previous works in solving ASP by applying BGSA, BPSO, and MSPSO. Using a case study of ASP, the results show that DESKF outperformed all the algorithms in obtaining the best solution.




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A. Mustafa, Z. Ibrahim, Z. Md Yusof, D. Al-Dabass, and P. Sallis, “Solving Assembly Sequence Planning Using Distance Evaluated Simulated Kalman Filter”, MEKATRONIKA, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 1–7, Jul. 2019.



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