Design of an Helical Spring using Single-solution Simulated Kalman Filter Optimizer

  • M. Abdullah Azzam
  • Uzma Batool
  • Hilman Fauzi
Keywords: Helical spring, Simulated Kalman filter, Design, Optimization


Optimization is one of the important process in solving engineering problems. Regrettably, there are numerous problems in practical optimization that cannot be solved flawlessly within reasonable computational effort. Thus, metaheuristic approach is often useful to get near-optimal solution when the best solution is not achievable. This paper demonstrates the usefullness of a metaheuristic algorithm called single-solution simulated Kalman filter (ssSKF) in helical spring design, which is an example of structural engineering design problem. The ssSKF is a single agent-based optimization algorithm based on the Kalman filtering. The solution obtained by the ssSKF is compared againsts the genetic algorithm, co-evolutionary particle swarm optimization, co-evolutionary differential evolution, bat algorithm, and artificial bee colony.

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M. A. Azzam, U. Batool, and H. Fauzi, “Design of an Helical Spring using Single-solution Simulated Kalman Filter Optimizer”, Mekatronika, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 93-97, Jul. 2019.
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