Synthesis, Preparation and Characterization of H3BO3 Nanoparticles as a Additive for Machining Lubricant

  • Roopsandeep Bammidi ANITS
  • K. Siva Prasad
  • P. Srinivasa Rao
Keywords: Boric acid, Mechanical Ball Milling, XRD, Lubricants, Nanoparticles


The minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) plays a critical role in providing excellent machining performance and application of nanoparticles in base fluids are one of the best way for MQL in machining. The boric acid nanoparticles which are eco friendly are one among the exceptional to demonstrate the outstanding properties. This paper gives report on the enhancement of heat transfer performance in various machining applications, the nature of dilute colloidal suspensions in the medium of base fluids are necessary. The H3BO3 nanoparticles synthesis, preparation and, characterization are crucial for their stability in the suspensions to exhibit excellent Nanofluid properties. In this investigation, the preparation of boric acid nanoparticles using mechanical ball milling and XRD for synthesis and characterization.