Original research paper
Manuscripts should be between 5000-7000 words in length, excluding the references. The manuscript must include an abstract of about 200 – 250 words, and at least 3 keywords. The maximum number of references is 30, and the references should include at least 40% of the recent references (in last five years). 

Conceptual or review papers
Manuscripts should be between 5000-7000 words in length, excluding the references. The manuscript must include an abstract of about 200 – 250 words, and at least 3 keywords.

Book reviews
Book reviews should not be more than 1000 words in length, including references. There should be no tables or graphics.


Authors must submit their manuscripts through this Open Journal System. Any manuscripts submitted through the email will not be processed.

Technical Guidelines:
1. The manuscript must be prepared using the Style Sheet Template for the initial submission.
2. The initial submission should not contain any author information; author information should be submitted using the Title Page document. All submitted manuscripts will undergo a review process by the editor and  then sent to appointed reviewers for double blind peer review.
3. Authors must provide names of at least two potential reviewers whose expertise is relevant to the fields discussed in the manuscript. Reviewers must be experts from institutions other than the authors.   

Manuscripts which do not meet IJLEAL expectations will be returned to the author with recommendations for improvement. Authors are advised to ensure that their manuscripts are not submitted for other publications in any other forms (e.g. journals or book chapters) either in English or any other languages. 

Authors must submit all the required and correctly formatted documents and information. Incomplete submission will not be processed. 

Submission Declaration
Manuscripts submitted must not be previously published nor under construction for publication elsewhere. It should be approved by all authors (if there is more than one author). If it is accepted for publication in IJLEAL, it will not be published elsewhere in English or in any other language, without the written consent of the copyright-holder.

Review Policy
All submissions will be subjected to a review process by the respective panel of experts. IJLEAL adopts the double blind reviewing policy where all identifying features of the author(s) and reviewer(2) are removed. Authors must provide at least one reviewer whose expertise is similar to the subject matter discussed in the paper.

All articles published in the International Journal of Language Education and Applied Linguistics (IJLEAL) is the absolute property of the UMP Press. UMP Press reserves the right to re-publish the articles in various forms for scientific purposes.

Language Use for Publication
IJLEAL accepts papers written in English and Malay language, however, the number of papers written in Malay is limited. We therefore encourage submission of papers written in English. Paper submission in Malay is to encourage researchers whose native language is Malay. These papers will be of interest to readers in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, possibly in Singapore and southern Thailand, and other parts of the Malay-speaking world such as Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Plagiarism is a serious offense, and therefore, all papers submitted to the IJLEAL will undergo plagiarism check before further processing is carried out.

Referencing Style
Authors are required to conform to the APA 7th edition.

Editorial Decision and Changes
The Editorial Board reserves the right to make decision at any stage of the publication, and make any changes to the manuscript to improve the style, quality and clarity of the manuscript. Authors will be informed of the decision, and changes consulted before paper finalization.