Development of a Test-Rig for a Modern Motorcycle Engine


  • Khalaf I. Hamada
  • M.K. Mohammed
  • M.M. Rahman



Small engine; test-rig; motorcycle; port injection


This paper presents experimental activities that have been performed in the Automotive Engineering Centre laboratories in Universiti Malaysia Pahang for developing a test-rig based on a modern motorcycle engine. The experimental engine test-rig was developed based on an eddy current dynamometer which was coupled to a four-stroke singlecylinder SI motorcycle engine. Moreover, the test-rig consists of all the measurement equipment, sensors and auxiliaries kits for carrying out engine testing in a sufficient way. The results of these activities have been used for validation of a one-dimensional model developed based on that single cylinder engine. Both the in-cylinder pressure trace and brake torque were used to validate the engine model. There was good agreement between the simulation and experimental results. The constructed test-rig can be utilized for further research and development programs.




How to Cite

K. I. . Hamada, M. Mohammed, and M. . Rahman, “Development of a Test-Rig for a Modern Motorcycle Engine”, Int. J. Automot. Mech. Eng., vol. 10, pp. 2034–2041, Dec. 2022.




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