Recognition of Moving Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles Based on Sound Analysis and Machine Learning Algorithms


  • Jacek Jakubowski Military University of Technology
  • Jerzy Jackowski Military University of Technology



motion of vehicle, vehicle recognition, feature extraction, classification, intelligent transportation systems


The paper presents results of a preliminary study on verification of the possibility to establish simple methods to process acquired sound signals that were generated by a vehicle in motion; to determine its characteristic features for classification as a wheeled or tracked one. The analysis covered 220 signals acquired from real experiment and pre-processed with the use of power spectral density estimation (PSD) and linear prediction coding (LPC). The signal processing methods were used to generate features for which applicability in the classification process was assessed using a statistical method. The set of features was then optimised to reduce the dimensionality of data. Results of recognition obtained with the proposed non-iterative procedures for solving linearly separable problems were compared with results from standard methods, including SVM and k-NN. The developed features as well as selected methods of classification were proposed with respect to the possibility to implement them in low computational power computers for embedded applications.




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J. Jakubowski and J. Jackowski, “Recognition of Moving Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles Based on Sound Analysis and Machine Learning Algorithms”, Int. J. Automot. Mech. Eng., vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 8478 –, Mar. 2021.