Customer satisfaction in quality measurement services: A hybrid customer satisfaction analysis


  • R.M. Silitonga
  • R. Sukwadi
  • Y.T. Jou
  • M.A. Alamsyah


Service Quality, Fuzzy-SERVQUAL, IPA, PGCV Index


Developments in the business world have always experienced rapid growth to date, and both businesses are engaged in services or non-service fields. The development of an economy accompanied by the development of technology and science creates increasingly fierce competition, especially in quality measurement services. Therefore, this study presents a Fuzzy-SERVQUAL, IPA, and PGCV Index method, which adequately assists practitioners in identifying critical service attributes. Satisfaction analysis used the Fuzzy-SERVQUAL method to obtain a defuzzification value where the results are inputs for the IPA method. The IPA method found that the weaker attributes of the quality measurement services are prices that need to be linear with the quality and should promptly resolve problems. The PGCV Index method ranks the service attributes prioritized to improve efforts to improve the quality of service. This framework enables quality measurement services to identify their current quality level and focus on weaker attributes to improve their service quality.