• Zaitun Zainal Abidin
  • Siti Zubaidah Ismail Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Keywords: Product-service system; Inventory Control; Palm Oil plantation; Inventory Record System;


This thesis is aimed at analyzing the Product – Service System (PSS) inventory control for Palm Oil Plantation Company and developing one software application named as inventory record to help the management for managing the inventory control of the company. The thesis deals with the study of PSS and inventory control at Company A which is a Malaysian palm oil plantation company. The aims of this thesis are to describe and analyse how Product-Service Solution Inventory Record manages its oil palm agriculture industry to achieve long term competitive advantage. In order to achieve the aim, these following research objectives have been to investigate the record information in and out fertilizer and poison for using the company requirements and issues for palm oil agribusiness operations, to develop a generic model that incorporating all general principles of Product-Service Solution Inventory Record Palm Oil Industry lastly to develop a Product-Service Solution Inventory Record in Palm Oil Industry for implementation. The palm oil industry is one of the well-known industry in Malaysia that provide the most prominent contribution to Malaysia’s economy. Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) is an agency that responds for providing technical support, advisory and consultancy services to all palm oil plantation company in Malaysia which is included as a part of PSS. PSS is a managing system that combining product and service in one system. PSS is essential to provide better environmental impact, improve competitiveness and to help the company satisfy the demand from customer. However, PSS could not be running smoothly when the inventory of product and service are managed in separate interface systems which is by using manual inventory control like Microsoft Excel and handwriting documentation. In order to make PSS inventory control easier, and systematic, an inventory application system is developed. This research is focusing on developing PSS inventory record for fertilizer and pesticide at the Company A. This record will using Microsoft Visual Basic 6 which could help in decision and calculation making for product and service of palm oil plantation.