An Empirical Study of Outlook difference among Indian Students towards ICT for Demography and Educational Standards


  • Chaman Verma Deptt of CSE, JJT. University, Jhunjunu, Rajasthan (India)
  • Sanjay Dahiya Deptt. of CSE., Ch. Devi Lal State Institute of Engineering & Tech. PanniwalaMota, Sirsa, Haryana (India)
  • Yogesh Kumar Sharma Deptt of CSE, JJT. University, Jhunjunu, Rajasthan (India)



Demography, Study level, Significant, Outlook difference, T-test, Z-test


Information and communication technology (ICT) is major backbone of Indian education system. Now days, the higher educational Institutions are using ICT based teaching and learning. Many of researchers, educators and students from the world are adapting sharply ICT in their educational life. Indian students have variety of thoughts towards ICT usage in their education. We have tried to explore the outlook difference among Indian students receiving higher education in Universities. More than five hundred students from six Universities located in Haryana and Punjab have participated in this study. This article is focusing on to find outlook difference among students towards ICT in relation to their locality and level of study. The statistically test like Z-test and T-test proves that educational standard and demography of students did not affect the outlook towards ICT awareness in higher education. This paper will support to investigators over the globe those are conducting their research on ICT awareness in higher educational institutions.