Analysis of The Effects of Information System On Service Delivery At DVLA


  • Akwetey Henry Matey
  • Wolali Ametepe
  • Isaac Asampana
  • Lucas College



Information system, services delivery, waiting lines, Automated Teller Machine


An Information System (IS) offers various benefits in managing transactions between an organization and its customers. Lack of Information system purely oriented to customer satisfaction leads to long waiting lines by customers in service delivery. It will influence negatively on-expected revenue and profit to various establishments in the long term. With recent trends in specific IS applications, expectations are that if waiting lines are not eliminated, perhaps may be reduce drastically in service delivery. Several steps were taken in putting measures in place by expanding facilities, providing timely and periodic maintenance, yet waiting lines are observed in places like; Bank Automated Teller Machine(ATM) (as an extended banking services), Electricity Company pay points, Clinics and Hospitals etc. These reviews seek to focus on Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) in Ghana since long waiting line is much associated with their service delivery. Using Convenience sampling technique, questionnaires were administered in eliciting data from staff and clients of DVLA. Final data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS); with the support of Microsoft Excel 2010 in depicting the results in frequency tables, percentages, charts etc. The trends in the results show evidently that even though Information Systems was used in the services delivery process; there are prevailing waiting lines, which were observed. It was also established that services delivery processes are not electronic at DVLA, resulting in the formation of the longer waiting lines.