Author Responsibilities

IJLEAL is committed to conveying to its authors a strong understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Authors should conform to the principles of trust and professionalism in reporting the works and submitting their manuscripts to the journal. All manuscripts submitted to IJLEAL therefore must be the original work of the listed authors and must not have been previously published or currently submitted elsewhere.  

Instructions to the Authors

When considering submission of a manuscript, authors should:

  1. Submit manuscript which is only on work that has been conducted in an ethical and responsible manner and that complies with all relevant legislations.
  2. Adhere to publication requirements that submitted work is original, is not plagiarised, and has not been published elsewhere.
  3. Ensure that they have written entirely original works, and if the author(s) have used the work and/or words of others, this must be appropriately cited.
  4. Ensure that the manuscript contains sufficient detail and references to permit others to replicate the work. Duplicitous or expressively inaccurate statements constitute unethical behaviour and are unacceptable.
  5. Ensure that the authorship accurately reflects individuals’ contributions to the work and its reporting; and where there are others who have participated in certain substantive aspects of the research project, they should be acknowledged.
  6. Promptly notify the journal editors when they discover a significant error or inaccuracy in their own published work, so that the editor can retract or correct the paper.

When preparing the manuscript, authors should:

  1. Present manuscript which is technically and grammatically correct.
  2. Ensure the manuscript is in accordance with the journal’s format and scope.
  3. Present   their results   clearly,   honestly, and   without   fabrication, falsification or inappropriate data manipulation.
  4. Describe their methods clearly and unambiguously so that their findings can be confirmed by others.
  5. Properly acknowledge the work of others. Authors should also cite publications that have been influential in determining the nature of the reported work.
  6. Disclose relevant funding sources and any existing or potential conflicts of interest. All sources of financial support for the project should be disclosed.
  7. Take collective responsibility for submitted and published work. IJLEAL reserves the right to reject a manuscript which does not conform to any of the regulations.

Author Ethical Responsibilities

We summarise authors’ ethical responsibilities as:

  • Confidentiality
  • Originality
  • Permissions
  • Multiple Submissions