Completion of Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) and Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (CVRPTW) Using Bee Algorithm Approach to Optimize Waste Picking Transportation Problem


  • C. Natalia
  • V. Triyanti
  • G. Setiawan
  • M. Haryanto


Bee Algorithm, CVRP and CVRPTW problems, Waste Transportation


Bee Algorithm (BA) is an algorithm that adapts the way of life of bees and their intelligence in finding food sources. This research is a combination of two projects that both use BA as the completion algorithm. BA is applied to solve CVRP and CVRPTW problems, both aim to provide effective and efficient advice solutions related to waste transportation routes of the upcoming ITF Sunter project. Using CVRP approach, the capacity of the waste transported will not exceed the capacity of the waste transport vehicle owned. Meanwhile, using CVRPTW approach, the route formed also considers the travel time and the results are divided into applicable transportation shifts which called as the time window. Both methods then were used to minimize the distance that occured when vehicle goes shipping and visiting each points of the routing problem. The optimum route is decided using the Bee Algorithm. The analysis shows that the traveling times and distances are less that the current method used, compared to the current method used by the government. The result proves that the BA is potential approach to select the optimum routes of the waste transportation.