Design of spline surface vacuum gripper for pick and place robotic arms


  • A. S. Jamaludin Universiti Malaysia Pahang
  • M. N. M. Razali
  • N. Jasman
  • A. N. A. Ghafar
  • M. A. Hadi



Spline surface, Vacuum mechanism, Gripper end-effector, Pick-and-place process, Robotic arms


The gripper is the most important part in an industrial robot. It is related with the environment around the robot. Today, the industrial robot grippers have to be tuned and custom made for each application by engineers, by searching to get the desired repeatability and behaviour. Vacuum suction is one of the grippers in Watch Case Press Production (WCPP) and a mechanism to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing procedure. Pick and place are the important process for the annealing process. Thus, by implementing vacuum suction gripper, the process of pick and place can be improved. The purpose of vacuum gripper other than design vacuum suction mechanism is to compare the effectiveness of vacuum suction gripper with the conventional pick and place gripper. Vacuum suction gripper is a mechanism to transport part and which later sequencing, eliminating and reducing the activities required to complete the process. Throughout this study, the process pick and place became more effective, the impact on the production of annealing process is faster. The vacuum suction gripper can pick all part at the production which will lower the loss of the productivity. In conclusion, vacuum suction gripper reduces the cycle time about 20%. Vacuum suction gripper can help lower the cycle time of a machine and allow more frequent process in order to increase the production flexibility.