Emergencey Portable Solar Power Supply

Keywords: Portable Solar Power Supply, renewable energy, solar energy, and solar power


Emergency Portable Solar Power Supply is a product which uses renewable energy sources as the main sources of electricity which is sunlight. According to World Energy Outlook (WEO) 2018, the percentage of renewable energy used as a source to generate electricity grew by 17% higher than the 10-year average and solar energy contributed more than a third despite accounting for just 21% of the total. The main objective of this product is to create clean energy emergency portable solar power supply by using non-conventional energy source and green technology which can be used during any contingency happens and also for the usage for rural area with non-electric power source. This project was started by calculation of the system design for determining the characteristic that need to be used for all components that related to this solar system such as battery, charge controller, solar panel and etc. The overall system of this portable solar power supply is 12V system. This design can last for 2 days without charging and the minimum hour for the battery to be charged is around 6 hours. This product can supply maximum up to 100W of DC and AC power supply. In a conclusion, this product is very portable and greener product the usage of solar energy as the main sources to generate electricity.