A Compression Original Image Based On The DDWT Technique And Enhancement SNR


  • A. K. Nahar University of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering, Baghdad, Iraq




DDDWT, Image Compression, Improve Medical Image


Generally, Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) are good perform a when little to no simple mathematical operations in the wavelet basis, in many applications, wavelet transforms can be severely truncated compressed and retain useful information Image compression. Though, DWT and the divided wavelet transform, still suffering from Poor directionality Lack of phase information, and Shift- sensitivity, which is a major drawback in most the communications systems. The Double-Density Discrete Wavelet Transform (DDDWT) achieves great results compared to previous conventional methods less complexity. Credited with this good result, so due to a simplified account that deal with two-dimensional and three-dimensional images by the way and transformation matrices as if through a matrix multiplication between the picture and the conversion of number DDWT. Moreover, the form of repeated goal is achieved with the optimization process for the appropriate application.