Adaptive sliding mode control of a novel cable driven robot model

  • F. Inel Department of Mechanical Engineering, Laboratory of Automatic, University of Skikda, 21000 Skikda Algeria, Phone: +213671800809
  • S. Babesse Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Setif1, 19000 Setif, Algeria
Keywords: Cable driven robot, modeling, sliding mode, GUI, position control, robustness


In this paper, we propose an adaptive sliding mode control strategy for a 3D cable-driven parallel robot. The proposed control technique is widely used for dealing with nonlinear systems uncertainties and for improving the robot performance in terms of tracking a desired path. The main contribution of this work is firstly: the graphical user interface (GUI) witch presents a point-to-point command, thus by the visualization of the end-effector position. Secondly, the sliding mode control is modeling for applied to the dynamic model for different trajectories in order to test the accurate tracking of the robot to a desired path. The effectiveness of the proposed control strategy is demonstrated through different simulation results.

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Inel, F., & Babesse, S. (2019). Adaptive sliding mode control of a novel cable driven robot model. Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Sciences, 13(2), 5150 - 5162.